I Dreamed of Red Wine


I had a dream about red wine. Literally. Well, actually, it was kind of a nightmare. The important thing is that it forced me to think about two critical aspects of my New Year’s resolution, both while I was still dreaming and after I awoke.


My dream involved a near empty bottle of Kendall-Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon. People who know anything about my wine consumption prior to January 1 can guess that Cab Sauv is one of my least favorite reds and also that I think KJ is completely over-rated and over-drunk (if that’s a word). I am not sure if I would feel differently about this dream if it had been a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Bridlewood Reserve Pinot Noir. My guess is that the type of wine probably doesn’t matter.

In the dream, I am sitting on the floor in front of a coffee table in a cozy room that is like a library or large sitting room.  I am among a small group of people who are scattered about the room; the others in the room are a mix of family, friends, and strangers. We are all gathered there to listen to something. I don’t know what. My father is sitting on the couch behind the coffee table. On the coffee table is the aforementioned bottle of wine. At some point, between songs or readings, I decide to take a sip of the wine just to see what it tastes like. A few minutes after trying the wine, I realize what I had done and I quickly glance around the room to see if anyone had seen me take that little sip.  Busted. My dad had, although he didn’t say anything to acknowledge it. I just knew he had and that he was probably the only one.

I start to panic.  What do I do about my blog? Do I confess to my followers that I had already broken my New Year’s resolution, so early in the year and over such a mediocre bottle of wine for no good reason? Both in the dream and thinking about it now, the answer is the same. The goal of the blog is to be honest and accessible.  In my dream, I decided that yes, I would confess this lapse to my blog followers. And, if I am unable to keep my resolution in real life, I will also confess it.

Given that, what of the second and, perhaps, more important question? In the dream, I pondered whether I would continue my resolution after having broken it. However, I awoke before coming up with an answer.  This question requires more thought. But the answer is the same — Yes.

This is a very difficult resolution, because it allows no room for no mistakes. “I resolve to drink no alcohol in 2014” is unequivocal. If I am unable to live up to the full spirit of my resolution, I will still go back to it, again and again if necessary, to see how far I can take it. And, I promise that I won’t be sipping on any KJ, cab or otherwise, anytime soon!


6 thoughts on “I Dreamed of Red Wine

  1. Angie

    Of course it would be Bill that catches you!! Lol! You have remained strong so far and have no reason to think otherwise! I love your blog and smiled while reading some of this one!! If Bruce comes home with a very rare exquisite bottle of wine…..would you taste it knowing you may never see another one or hold your ground and pass?? We know you chose no alcohol, but at some point you may be faced with a hard one and we will all want to know your honest answer. I couldn’t ever judge you and will always respect your choices!! Thanks for sharing!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I won’t taste it. Maybe I’ll make note of it and try it next year. They get better with age, anyway. Regarding my dad, of course he was the one who saw me — and, he’s also one of the few who wouldn’t have told on me!

  3. I like the simple, clear wording of your resolution. It reminds me of Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce who said, “I will fight no more forever.” Or somthing like that. Meanwhile, I applaud you for confessing your dream of alcohol consumption. Dreams and reality often get in the way of each other. Sharon, this is getting interesting.

  4. Dreams and reality have a way of interfering with each other. I applaud your honesty. This is getting interesting, Sharon. Meanwhile, your simple, concise resolution reminds of that great line from old Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce, “I will fight no more, forever.”

  5. Much truth in dreams. Mine are like HBO productions. Fueled by Zoloft and Klonopin I think. The vivid dreams started around the time I was put on this regimen five years ago. You inside. I think I”ll post descriptions of my dreams on my blog.

  6. Sheri Jorden

    OMG, if you’re dreaming of red wine one week in, imagine the stark raving lunatic you may be in two months! Orgies in bathtubs with a naked Rafa pouring a 1972 Chateau Rayas across your lips. Hahahaha…but I do applaud your efforts, despite my humor…:>)

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